CxO Interim Roles
Full-time CxO Hires are "all-in", bet-the-year, and long-term commitments. However, hiring an expert interim CxO delivers immediate functional leadership, key decisions, and both strategic and tactical execution. The number one job is immediate impact and execution. Number two is delivering a solid foundation for and finding your long-term hire.
CEO Coach
CEOs are responsible for EVERYTHING, no excuses. Yet seldom do they have the same requisite skill set for all functional areas of the organization. If they are experts in technology, they are rarely also experts in go-to-market and visa-versa. What about finance? Hiring? Firing? Marketing?
Interim CEO
When required by the board or needed by the founders, the Interim CEO role can bring stability and focus to an organization. The number one goal is to set clear direction and align the team.
Making Stuff Happen

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