Day One for a New CEO --- Taking Charge
The article addresses the three most important executive team decisions I make stepping into a new company as President. You canít fix all the problems of a company right away, but you canít fix the company at all if you donít address these three executive spots immediately. READ MORE
Too often an organization looks to the sales department as the villain when the revenues fall short of target. Of course it couldnít be the product or marketing or the CEOs fault! Unfortunately, sales is also the villain when they blow the numbers away because the free flowing commissions makes everyone nuts! Itís the ďI built the product, why arenít I driving a new BMWĒ syndrome. READ MORE
EContent's article in 2002 covered four CEOs' and their keys to success in building their companies when the Internet was challenging all content companies.

Terry was one of those CEOs covered when he was CEO of COMTEX News Network, where he grew the business from $3 million to over $16 million and 20 consecutive profitable quarters.

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