Charles W. Terry
Mr. Terry has over 30 years experience in software, e-content and online services including 14 years with CompuServe, 9 years as CEO of COMTEX News Network, President of and SVP at iJET International.

His successes leading companies have relied upon his hands-on expertise across multiple disciplines including sales, sales management, product management, financial analysis and software engineering.

Highlights include:
As SVP at iJET, Terry rebuilt both the product management and marketing teams as iJET doubled its revenue over his 4+ years.

As President of, Terry was instrumental in the acquisition of and integration of Profound from Thomson Corporation.

Strategic sale of a venture portfolio company and an investment of
$1 million of new capital.

Bootstrap turnaround of COMTEX, having never been profitable,
Terry, put together 5 straight years of profitability with revenues
increasing from $3mm to $16.6.

Bootstrap turnaround of Corporate Cost Management where
revenues doubled in 1st year and then sold company at 5x revenues.

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